Here at Curam Nadurtha, we are committed to providing each of you with the highest quality of natural and organic self care products, free of the harmful chemicals, Parabens, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients. 

A proper self care routine can improve your self confidence, self esteem, and overall mental health. This is why we are committed to maintaining a high degree of quality, by using natural and organic ingredients. We invite each of you to "Unleash Your Inner Gentleman" and embrace the Curam Nadurtha lifestyle. 

Don't Take Our Word for it! Read What Other Gent's are Saying!


This Co Wash is amazing! It has such an invigorating and soft feel! One of my favorite co-washes I've used! Everytime I use it, I can't wait to use it again! The lather is incredible! The beard feels exceptionally clean, and I feel energized after every use. I would definitely recommend this wash.

Very Nice Shave!

My wife bought this for me recently and I have got to say, the shave soap and aftershave are top notch. I have very sensitive skin and this allowed for me to achieve a very close shave minus the burn. the aftershave moisturized my skin and prevented any redness.

I'm Amazed

I've gone through countless creams and moisturizers to help manage eczema, and all have failed. I started applying curam nadurtha body butter on a problem with my lower leg, every morning for the past three weeks, and its nearly completely healed!

Nice hold

This pomade gives you a nice firm hold, without the concrete feeling! I love the addition of the Shea Butter! Keep up the great work!

Just buy it guys. You’ll love it!

My very first thought was if the product itself is as nice as the packaging is, this is going to be a premium product. The packaging was on point and every detail of my special order with specifics requiring two addresses and multiple items was simply spot on. The cologne is wonderful, I love the sent and how long it last too. The other products I’ve purchased were all top quality and do exactly as they claim. Great products all around and yes I have suggested friends check this brand out before purchasing anything beard related.

The Art of Becoming the Modern Gentleman

Gentleman is a State of Mind

A Gentleman isn't defined by his job, his wealth or his social standing, but rather by his character and the way he chooses to conduct himself.

Why Do You Need Beard Oil and What are The Benefits?

Beard oil is primarily a moisturizing agent that both moisturizes the beard and softens the hair. However, beard oil also moisturizes the skin underneath.

Why You Should Stop Using Your Traditional Shaving Cream

A shaving cream can be full of carcinogens and chemicals that aren't great to have on your skin or even breathe into the air around you.

"The appealation of the gentleman is never to be affixed to a man's circumstances, but to his behaviors in them."

Sir Richard Steele

"Gentleman is a State of Mind"