Beard Butter VS Beard Balm



When it comes to taking care of your beard, you have a few different options: You can either use beard butter or beard balm. So, what’s the difference? And which one should you be using?


If you've found yourself wondering into the Gentleman's Chair and found your way to this article, you must have wondered at one point "what's the difference between beard butter and beard balm?" This is one of the most highly asked questions from our bearded gentlemen, who are either just starting their beard, or some men who have been bearded for years, but have not used any products. The primary difference between beard butter and beard balm would be the products' individual utility. Beard butter is intended to act as a deep conditioning agent, while beard balm is intended to be utilized to apply a light styling hold. Both products have their place in a bearded gentleman's routine, however some gentlemen prefer one over the other. So, how do you decide which is right for you?


In order to make the decision that's right for you, let's go over beard butter and beard balm in depth. Beard butter, as the name suggests, is a product that is made to be used on your beard. It's primary purpose is to condition and soften your beard hair, making it more manageable and less likely to tangle. Beard butter also contains natural oils like Hempseed oil, Apricot Oil, and Vitamin E oil which help to nourish your skin underneath the hair follicles. Beard butter is usually applied to dry beard, however some men will apply it after showering. It can be used daily or even multiple times a day if your skin requires more hydration.

Beard balm's primary purpose is also for conditioning and softening but with adding hold as well. Beard Balm uses similar ingredients to Beard Butter but with added beeswax. This locks in the moisture and makes your beard more manageable, less likely for it get tangled or matted which is common if you are active during the day (exercise etc.).

As mentioned before this product can be used daily because of how hydrating both products are.



Beard Butter VS Beard Balm: What’s the Difference?

Beard Butter

Beard Butter offers a deep hydration and adds moisture into your beard. The key ingredients in our beard butters are Unrefined Shea Butter, Unrefined Mango butter, Cold Pressed Hempseed Oil, Cold Pressed Apricot Oil, and Vitamin E. Each of these ingredients work together to create a formula that softens, nourishes, strengthens, and promotes healthy growth. These ingredients are considered safe for those with sensitive skin, due too the fact that we use noncomedogenic (will not clog pores) carrier oils and butters.  Beard butter is an excellent choice for individuals with dry skin/hair due to its deep conditioning properties. Beard Butter is also highly beneficial to those who are experiencing beard itchiness, as it will soften the hair.


 Beard Butter Key Benefits:

  • Deep Hydration / Moisturizer 
  • Softens the Beard Hair
  • Lasting Shine


Beard Balm

Beard Butter offers a light styling hold, while also offering some hydration/ moisture to your beard. The key ingredients in our beard balms are Unrefined Shea Butter, Unrefined Mango Butter, Cold Pressed Hempseed Oil, Cold Pressed Apricot Oil, Organic Beeswax, and Vitamin E. Each of these ingredients work in unison to allow for a light styling hold with moisturizing properties. This product is also handcrafted using noncomedogenic ingredients, so balm is also a safe choice for those with sensitive skin. Beard Balm is an excellent choice for individuals with frizzy hair, due to the styling properties. Beard Balm also helps to control flyaways and tame unruly beards.


Beard Balm Key Benefits: 
  • Light Styling Hold
  • Hydrates / Moisturizes 
  • Softens Beard Hair



Now that we've given you a little information overload, the question may still remain.... "how do you decide what's right for you?" The answer is not so simple. It depends on your beard length, thickness and type of hair you have. If you're just starting out your beard journey, we suggest giving beard butter a try. It's perfect for conditioning and taming those new hairs while they are growing in. Once your beard has reached a certain length, or if it is very thick, you may want to try Beard Balm. This is because it's thicker consistency works perfectly for fuller beards that require more styling/holding power than beard butter can offer. The bottom line is, if you're new to the bearded lifestyle and not sure what product would work best for your beard type, we suggest starting with Beard Butter.


If your ultimate goal is to ensure your beard is hydrated, moisturized, and softer than silk, we recommend our Beard Butter.

Our Beard Butter is a deep conditioning agent that helps to hydrate and moisturize the beard while also softening the hair.



If your ultimate goal is to tame fly aways, style your beard, while keeping it hydrated, we recommend our Beard Balm.

Our Beard Balm will tames fly aways, allows you to style your beard, while also moisturizing the hair. 





In Conclusion,


Beard Butter is perfect for hydration and moisturizing, while Beard Balm is perfect for styling and taming fly aways. Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong!Just make sure to use it regularly for the best results. Thanks for reading!




Happy Beard Growing! :-)








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