By definition the term "gentleman" means to be a courteous or honorable man. Here at Cúram Nádúrtha, we hold a strong belief that the state of being a gentleman is not wearing a suit every day, driving a nice car, having a huge house, or any of the other mental images you may experience when hearing the word. 

Before we dive into exactly what we feel the term gentleman means to us, we feel that a brief history lesson is the best approach. The term "gentleman" was actually adopted by the English in the 18th century from the Old French word gentilhomme, but also has some usage dating back to dfthe 1200s. In England, the term "Gentleman" originally meant "a man who is entitled to bear arms, but is not included in the nobility." In fact, for most of the Middle Ages, when there were very distinct social classes amongst the nobility the term "gentleman" was equated to the term nobilis (of noble blood). However, several events that occurred over the next few hundred years, such as the Bubonic Plague led to a redefining moment for the term and by the 1700s, Sir Richard Steele once wrote "that the appealation of the gentleman is never to be affixed to a man's circumstances, but to his behaviors in them." 

Sir Richard Steele

Irish Writer/ Politician 


Which leads us to one of our primary ethos for our brand...   

To us, gentleman is a state of being, a mindset if you will. A mindset in which we encourage men of all ages and backgrounds to really dig deep and embrace the gentleman mindset. But how does one do this? It really is more simple than one would believe. 


The state of becoming a gentleman is a shift in your thought process that can occur through various actions. These actions can be the most subtle change in behaviors, mannerisms, or small acts of kindness. A Gentleman is always polite, thoughtful, and carry themselves with confidence. The ideal Gentleman is well groomed, stands up for what he believes in, and looks great doing so. However, not every man achieves this in their lifetime, only a select few truly embrace this way of life. This is why we wanted to offer a new lifestyle  for men from all backgrounds and ages, because a man is capable of becoming a true gentleman, regardless of the circumstances. Just as Sir Richard Steele stated, a gentleman should never be judged by his circumstances, but rather, the way in which he behaves within his circumstances.    


We strongly believe that every man has the potential to Unleash Their Inner Gentleman by embracing the idea that Gentleman is truly a state of mind, that when embraced fully can drive true change in your day to day life. If you embark on this journey with us and embrace the Cúram Nádúrtha life style, the changes may be subtle at first, but over time you can notice significant changes happening around you. We are offering you more than just a brand, we are offering you a new way of life through our products. If you look good, smell great, and feel fantastic the trasnformation becomes a lifelong evolution in which your true inner gentleman is unleashed upon the world.  We truly want men from all walks of life to embrace their inner gentleman and become the best versions of themselves. 



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