As the seasons shift, many bearded gentlemen find themselves pondering a common question: "Does the changing weather, whether cold or due to the seasons, impact my beard?" The straightforward answer is yes – fluctuations in temperature and humidity can indeed influence your beard in various ways.

Yet, it's not solely the cold weather that has an impact; excessive heat can also take a toll on your facial hair. Let's delve deeper to uncover how different climates can affect the health and appearance of your beard.



Humidity refers to the concentration of water vapor in the air at a given time. But how does this moisture content affect your beard? In simple terms, higher humidity can make your beard appear frizzy, while lower humidity can leave it feeling dry and lackluster. However, it's important to note that excessive humidity might lead to overproduction of sebum oil, resulting in a greasy beard.

High Humidity:

During high humidity, your beard's cuticles tend to expand, giving your beard a fuller but potentially unruly appearance. This can lead to tangling and untamed hair. To counteract this, we recommend using beard oil and balm. The oil moisturizes the beard, while the balm offers a light hold and helps control flyaways.

Low/No Humidity:

Conversely, when the air is dry, your beard can become brittle and dull. Low humidity increases the risk of split ends and extreme dryness. To prevent this, using beard oil and butter is advised. The oil keeps the beard moisturized, while the butter offers deep conditioning, particularly helpful during cold, dry days.


Summer is a time for outdoor activities, but excessive heat can be detrimental to your beard, similar to low humidity conditions. Prolonged exposure to the sun can even alter your hair's color, making it appear lighter. Regular use of beard oil and butter, both morning and night, is recommended to combat the drying effects of heat.


While the colder months hold their charm, they can be harsh on your beard. Cold weather causes your skin's pores and hair follicles to contract, resulting in a lackluster and brittle beard. Additionally, hair growth slows down during winter and accelerates in warmer months. To safeguard your beard, especially in subzero temperatures, using beard oil and balm is essential to lock in moisture.

Beard Care in Extreme Conditions:

Weather isn't the only factor affecting your beard. Consider your daily activities – spending time outdoors during summer warrants protection from the sun's UV rays with beard oil and balm. Similarly, if you live in a cold climate and are often outdoors, using beard oil and butter helps shield your beard from the elements.

In conclusion, weather has a significant impact on your beard, but it's not the entire story. Your lifestyle matters too. We hope you've found this article informative and useful as we aim to equip all gentlemen with the tools to embrace their inner gentleman. Join our newsletter to embrace the Cúram Nádúrtha lifestyle.


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