Many of us have heard the term "hair porosity" floating around, but what exactly does the term mean, and why is it important for you to know?

Hair porosity is basically your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. Hair porosity is divided into three distinct categories:

High Porosity: Hair cuticles are widely spread

Medium Porosity: Hair Cuticles are less spaced out, but not very compressed

Low Porosity: Hair Cuticles are close together

I'm sure you're thinking "what does this mean, why should I care?" Let's dive a little deeper and explain this a little better!


What Does Porosity Mean?

Before we venture entirely too far into the deep end, we feel it is necessary to discuss the structure of your hair first.


Medulla: Soft, central part of the hair shaft. 

Cuticle: The protective outer layer of your hair, this is made up of several smaller cuticles, each overlapping to form the protective layer.

Cortex: The thickest layer, containing a ton of proteins, and contains the pigmentation for your hair's color


In order for our hair to stay hydrated and healthy, moisture, water, and oils need to have the ability to penetrate the cuticle and provide the cortex with the needed moisture. 


However, if the cuticles are widely spaced (High porosity) your hair has a harder time retaining moisture. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if the cuticles are too close together, it becomes difficult for water or oil to effectively penetrate the cuticle. But, how exactly does this occur? 


What Causes Porosity?

Primarily, your porosity is determined by your genetics. Therefore, if medium porosity is predominant in your family, then you will most likely have medium porosity as well. However, genetics is not the only factor that contributes to porosity.

If you apply too much heat, over wash, or use products packed with chemicals you can also alter the porosity of your hair. This is why we offer all natural and organic hair products and beard products as a alternative to the traditional grooming product. 


How Do You Test Your Porosity? 

The answer to this question is actually a lot more simple than you might think! 

Follow these steps below:

  1. Thoroughly clean your hair (hair with product and/ or dirt can alter the results)
  2. Grab a glass of water
  3. Grab a strand of clean and dry hair (head hair or beard hair) 
  4. Watch to see if it sinks, floats, or only sinks to the middle of the glass

If your hair floats for awhile before sinking, you most likely have low porosity hair.

If your hair Floats in the middle of the glass, you probably have medium porosity hair.

If your hair sinks right to the bottom instantly, you most likely have high porosity hair. 


Final Thoughts

Knowing your hair's porosity allows you to understand how much product you must use in your hair, because after all, each of us are different. If you have high porosity, in some cases, less is more. But, if you have low porosity, it can take a little more than the average person to effectively treat your hair. Please comment below if you decide to test your porosity and let us know what you think! 

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