Wins & Losses: The Reality of Our Chaotic World



As a man in this world our time is spent guiding, protecting, providing and nurturing. But many of us neglect doing any of these things for ourselves. Mostly because we think we don't have the time.

People always say, "oh I don't have time for that"  Or, "I'm really busy today, can we do it tomorrow?"

Well guess what? Tomorrow comes and they are still busy. "Let's reschedule for Monday", they say.

No more gentlemen, STOP rescheduling for Monday. Stop putting off taking care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Your time is today! Your time is RIGHT NOW! 

Why are you letting your own health take a backseat? Why are you letting others dictate your time, allowing yourself none to focus on you? I understand the responsibilities you have and the challenges you face on a daily basis. But as a gentleman you also have a duty and responsibility to yourself as well.

It is well past time that we take the time to better ourselves in all aspects of our lives. If there is something that you are weak in, strengthen it. There was and to some extent still is a stigma around men's mental health. I'll just come right out and say it. That's dumb. The perception that men should be a pillar of strength and stoicism is stupid and outdated. 

If you are tired, rest. If you are feeling weak, take time to train for strength. If you are feeling broken, take time to mend the damage. But don't you ever give up! Don't quit because you didn't take the time for your mental health and wellness. Take. that. time.

And I promise that you will find you are a better man for it.


So what can you do in our busy and chaotic world to improve your mental health and well-being as a man?

I won't pretend to have all the answers but I will give you what I use. What helps me.


First and foremost take the time, whether that means wake up early or go to bed a little later. Take the time to build a good gym routine and train your body. A healthy body is a good start to a strong mind.


Second, eat better food. I don't even need to say any more but I will.  A lot of days we just have to cram something in our face just to fill our stomach. Stop eating out, stop eating junk. And start packing your lunch, start eating real food with real nutritional value.


Third, find your switch. What I mean is find that switch for when you are done with the work day and I mean done! You turn it off, you leave it at the office or you shed it before you get home. Stop taking the work with you. Take time for yourself and for your family. Work will be there tomorrow. When the day is done, find that switch and let it be done.


Fourth, allow yourself some concessions. This is when you are feeling weak, feeling down, feeling not you. Accept that. This is hard for me because I hate accepting weakness in any form. But understanding and accepting gives you the ability to learn and grow in the places you are weakest. Start making your weaknesses your strengths.


And finally five, understand that no matter what, win or lose today. You still have to get up tomorrow. You may have won first place, top of the podium, gold metal. Thats great, celebrate your wins, don't down play them at all. Victory should be celebrated. But know that even though you won today, you still have to train tomorrow. If you lost today. Accept that defeat, call it what it is. Take the "L" and learn from it. And when you wake up tomorrow, train.


You are only as strong as your weakest link. Don't let your mental health dip because you thought that you needed to be a pillar on your own holding up the world. You may support it for a while. But you will crumble and it won't be slow, it will be fast and furious. Your descent will be swift. Ask for help, better yourself, talk about what is on your mind. Understand that you are a hero, but even heroes aren't without flaws. And that is okay. Better yourself everyday. Better your mind. Better your world, your family,  your relationships, better you.


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