About Us

Cúram Nádúrtha started as an idea to embark on a journey to seeking truly natural alternatives to the traditional grooming product. This journey led us on a path of discovery, in which countless carrier oils, essential oils, organic waxes, and unrefined butters were tested. Upon the finalization of the formulas, we quickly realized there was something special, something unique. These products had a much deeper meaning than just a product that performs well, we desired more than nothing to improve individuals lives in the most subtle ways possible.  In doing so, the concept of the “gentleman” was cultivated and refined into the philosophy behind our ethos. Our ethos encompasses the passionate belief of improving one’s appearance and overall mental health, one gentleman at a time. The result was the belief that every man has a gentleman that is waiting to be unleashed, and we will guide you on a journey to becoming the gentleman you can become. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that leaves you looking great, feeling fantastic, and improving your self-confidence and self-esteem. Unleash your inner gentleman to the world today….





Our Story

For many years, my wife and I desired to start an all-organic company. However, we were not sure which specific area of all organic and natural care we wanted to enter. Unfortunately, we had to place our dreams on hold due to being afforded the opportunity to live in Japan. While living in Japan, I experienced a retinal detachment and became blind in my left eye. After this occurred, it became clear that my career in the Marine Corps was coming to an end.  It was in this moment; we decided to explore the men's grooming industry. Which lead us on a journey into researching the best carrier oils and essential oils, as well as the benefits for the hair and skin. Upon returning to the United States, we created our formulas for our oils, butters, and pomades. We decided to utilize the highest ingredients possible ranging from pure unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana, Mango Butter from Indonesia, Organic Beeswax, 100% pure and cold pressed carrier oils, and pure essential oils. We formulated these products to help improve the overall health of your beard, hair, and body, while improving the overall health and quality of your appearance. Here at Cúram Nádúrtha ( Cur-am Na-dur-ta) we take pride in creating 100% organic and natural products.

Cúram Nádúrtha, which means natural care, is inspired from the owner's Irish heritage. It is also a promise to provide each of you with the highest quality all natural/ organic products for an affordable cost. We decided to focus on the overall appearance for men, because we wanted to offer not only products, but also a way of life, family, and becoming well-groomed in the process. Cúram Nádúrtha wants to empower men with confidence, dedication, and motivation. Additionally, we strive to offer top of the line customer service, providing you with the highest quality experience possible. As a military family, Cúram Nádúrtha enjoys giving back to the community through charitable donations and volunteer work. We would love to take you on a journey to improve your overall appearance through meeting all of your grooming needs. Join the Cúram Nádúrtha family today, and unleash your inner gentleman…..


Slanté Cara,

Mike & Octavia