Fragrance Guide

The concept of the gentleman begins with the evolution of your mindset, once you tap into your inner gentleman, a new world of possibilities begin to emerge. Here at Cúram Nádúrtha, we seek to manifest your true potential as a gentleman through creating a truly special experience that is unmatched. We strongly believe that being a gentleman is a state of mind. Each of our scents offer a different experience and take you on a sort of self discovery journey, in which you begin to refine your true inner gentleman.... Unleash Your Inner Gentleman to the world today! Slainté




Men's Skin Care

Embrace the power of a man with an aroma so powerful it can make you feel like royalty. Temple is made up exclusively by empowering ingredients such as Bergamot and Frankincense that will leave your heart rate increased while Myrrh adds depth to this invigorating scent making it perfect for those looking to be empowered in their everyday lives!


Irish Cream

Irish Cream, has a smooth, creamy texture with hints of vanilla and spice, it will remind you exactly of the drink. Plus, it helps to condition and moisturize your beard, keeping it healthy and soft. So pour yourself a cup of Irish Cream, sit back, and enjoy your day with a well-groomed beard.


Irish Mint

It's crisp, it's clean, and this CoWash is more than it seems. It washes, it conditions and does everything in between. Irish Mint is an invigorating blend of cool peppermint, fresh tea tree, smoky sage, and energizing rosemary.  This smells incredible and feels even better.



Eau de Toilette

Unleash your inner strength with Láidir (La-Dur) by Cúram Nádúrtha. With this spicy and woodsy cologne, you'll be sure to please the senses in more ways than one! The perfect balance between aromatic allspice notes for those who want something strong enough without being overwhelming; sensual myrrh that will have your significant other wanting more from every whiff! This cologne is very intimate and will not linger after you leave a room.



Eau de Toilette

Unleash Your Inner Gentleman with "Gentleman" by Cúram Nádúrtha. This fragrance truly embodies the essence of becoming the epitome of gentleman. "Gentleman" delivers an unmatched experience by providing floral notes calmed down by a spectacular combination cedarwood and sandalwood. With notes of Fresh Lilly, Smoky Cedarwood, and Exotic Sandalwood.





Beard Oil

Beard Balm

Beard Butter



Body Butter

Body Wash