The Gentleman's Program

First and foremost, our brand aims to create an experience that all gentlemen can enjoy and benefit from. With that being said, our Gentleman's  Program allows you to earn Gent Coins (rewards) while unleashing your inner gentleman.  

How to Earn

  • Sign up (500 Gent Coins)
  • Place an order (8 Gent Coins per $1 spent)
  • Follow us on IG (50 Gent Coins)
  • Follow us on FB (50 Gent Coins)
  • Celebrate another trip around the sun (200 Gent Coins on your birthday)

How to Redeem

  • 15% OFF (1,500 Gent Coins)
  • $20 OFF (2,000 Gent Coins)
  • Order Discount (100 Gent Coins = $1)

Refer a Friend 

  • $5 off when you refer a friend
  • Your referral also receives $5 off their purchase  


Join The Gentleman's Program today and unleash your inner gentleman!