Scent Profiles

The concept of the gentleman begins with the evolution of your mindset, once you tap into your inner gentleman, a new world of possibilities begin to emerge. Here at Cúram Nádúrtha, we seek to manifest your true potential as a gentleman through creating a truly special experience that is unmatched. We strongly believe that being a gentleman is a state of mind. Each of our scents offer a different experience and take you on a sort of self discovery journey, in which you begin to refine your true inner gentleman.... Unleash Your Inner Gentleman to the world today! Slainté



Cinnamon Dream 

This scent is everything you have dreamed of and more. It will remind you of a small-town bakery with the notes of sweet vanilla, zesty orange, and dreamy Cardamom.  



Unleash your inner gentleman. This pomade will make you feel as if you have become the epitome of dapper. Truly a grown man only scent. With notes of tobacco, vanilla, and amber.


Dragon's Blood

In Celtic Mythology, the Dragon is seen as the protector all living things on Earth, thus making it the most powerful symbol within Celtic Mythos. Dragons were often depicted with the Celtic Gods and were the gatekeepers to other worlds. They were seen as symbols of power, wisdom, and leadership. Embrace the blood of the mythical Dragon and feel the power, wisdom, and tap into your inner gentleman. Dragon's Blood is an invigorating blend of empowering Bergamot, aromatic Frankincense, and  rich Myrrh.


Forbidden Forrest

Something that smells so delightful, yet so naughty…. I don’t think we are supposed to be walking off of the path…..

Here we go, on an adventure into the mystical woods. This scent is daring, yet charming. Magical, yet familiar. We are not responsible for any magical creatures following you around you sexy bearded huntsman. With hints of mystical lavender, sweet sandalwood, crisp pine, and smoky cedarwood.


Irish Cream

Come and sit down in the local café, ask the waitress for a cup of Irish Cream, and enjoy the rest of your day. The fresh aroma of smooth Jamaican coffee with hints of creamy vanilla and a pinch of spice.


Irish Mint

It's crisp, it's clean, and this CoWash is more than it seems. It washes, it conditions and does everything in between. Irish Mint is an invigorating blend of cool peppermint, fresh tea tree, smoky sage, and energizing rosemary.  This smells incredible and feels even better.


Lime and Coconut

This scent was inspired by the lack of vacations in the year 2020. You couldn’t go on vacation, so we brought the vacation right to your beard. Always remember to put the lime in the coconut and then…. I don’t know mix it around or something. Please beard responsibly. 


Lucky Orange

Traditionally, the three leaf clover has been a symbol of Ireland dating back to the ancient druids who used the clover as a way to escape an evil spirt. But, the four leaf clover is the bringer of eternal luck and prosperity. Lucky orange is essentially the liquid form of a four leaf clover that makes you feel like you can take on the world. With notes of Fresh Orange, Zesty Lime, and Lucky Patchouli.



Unleash Your Inner Strength with Láidir by Cúram Nádúrtha. Láidir (La-Dur) is a spicy and woody cologne sure to please the senses. This scent offers the perfect balance between the two, and will surely receive compliments anywhere you go. With Notes of Aromatic Allspice, Sensual Myrrh, and Seductive Vanilla. 



Unleash Your Inner Gentleman with "Gentleman" by Cúram Nádúrtha. This fragrance truly embodies the essence of becoming the epitome of gentleman. "Gentleman" delivers an unmatched experience by providing floral notes calmed down by a spectacular combination cedarwood and Oak. With notes of Fresh Lilly, Smoky Cedarwood, and Earthy Oakwood.




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